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King Los

"Stroke of Genius"

[Los Talking]
What's Good?
Wha-wha-wh-wha-what's good?
I'm what it is, not what it could've been
Crown ain't safe in the hood, what's good?

[Verse 1: Los]
Umm, pick a n*gga better
I could have a picnic with your mothaf*ckin' Top 5
If I ain't in it then it's 5 guys, gettin' straight ate like Five Guys
Popeyes, Hot fries, doin' numbers in the street like hopscotch
I rock everything I'm on I be going hard
I be acting like a fool I be goin' off
I just bought the f*ckin' top spot like I'm goin' bald
Umm, speakin' of that ain't no top on my whip
While you poppin' your lips got your fox with no top
Givin' top in my whip with a tropical beeeeitch
I handle hoes, you wife that freak broad
I could help you get your MAC right, I'm like the geek squad
I don't f*ck with no weed though but I smoke a bummin' b*tch
Got them starbucks in my pocket that's that mocha on that swiss
Los the dopest hoes be focused on the glow that's on his wrist
If your chick in here make her disapear and put the hocus pocus on your b*tch
Pull a rabbit out a hat and make a habit out of that
That's magic, voila, but your b*tch gone that's tragic, nada
You want no friction, that's static
I get my grip on this automatic and it's buhbye
My saliva like lava
Bring the drama to you like Obama did Osama
Whole summer be a Los summer, you don't believe it
You can call my bluff, here's a motherf*ckin' phone number n*gga (ahhh)

Whenever, you better, you better, do better
If ever, you never, too clever, whoever
You ever, you better move, now
If you thinkin', sit down
I'm a stand up n*gga, but I came to get down
And my game so deep I could make a b*tch drown
I can take a b*tch, take a b*tch and bring a b*tch down
You hopeless retardos, should quote this and borrow
I'm so ahead of rappers, I wrote this tomorrow
She catchin' feelings, cause I throw the p*nis
A little too good, she call it Stroke of Genius

[Verse 2: Los]
Umm, everybody sayin' I'm the best that ever
We could have a little meeting and get the best together
They can invest in the best and protect each other
Because I'm comin' at they mothaf*ckin' necks forever
I been over here screamin' out "next" forever
Doin' sh*t that these n*ggas in the flesh could never
Bout to get your favorite rapper and put to rest forever
I'm talkin' three plus three feet, deep sleep, see sheep
Beep beep, n*gga get the f*ck out the way, I'm drivin' a mac truck
With too many shots of vodka in me, and I'm swervin'
In other words stay the f*ck out my way
I catch a n*gga in my mothaf*ckin' lane, and I'mma serve 'em
Then it's curtains, n*gga so soft sleep and my flow so concrete
I just went off beat on purpose, cause I'm perfect
And you worthless, he don't even want this ass whippin'
I fell from the top but I'm back again
So ask a friend, or tell a friend
That I'm bout to make these n*ggas irrelevant
If you go nuts, I go elephant
You go bananas, I go silverback
Y'all weak rappers need to stop and train
I stopped the train cause I killed the track
My sentences is dessert, like I'm in this b*tch with syzzurp (syrup)
I'm cutting the f*ck up like I just wrote this sh*t with scissors
Ha, I can't think of any more wizords (words)
Ha, but I'm a mothaf*cking wizard n*gga


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