GOAT lyrics

King Los

Yea I've been running this sh*t
Hoe lemme catch my breathe
No Nike, when I pull up with the tech, ask the ref, I've busy tryna come up with a check

So sick I might need a check up
The way you act up you a extra
Pull up on ya hoe with the extra
Pull up with the squad for protection
And trust what I'm spitting is facts
Purposefully losing their mind to forget how to rap
Gimme a verse issa wrap
Money the vision but these n***as way too attached
I got the silence attached
These n***as nevеr hear that
That mean I'm bringing them dеath
I'm at they neck like giraffes
f**k I care whoever next
Leave a chalkline on the set
I met ya hoe on the set
Funny I just call her long neck
Word to Migos, when we take off
Shawty tryna f**k me offset
She been bad and boujee
Her tongue is an Uzi
We popping that bubbly Jacuzzi
My life is a movie
And I'm busy shooting
So don't get caught up in the movement
I swear
Pull up with the broom issa cash sweep
Got my n***as in the backseat
Bumping this track cuz it's that heat
When I spit a verse it belong on my rap sheet
Listen I'm a lyrical criminal
Killing the syllables
Sickest spitter b*t*h I'm venereal
sh*t I'm a serial killer
Murk you while you eating ya cereal
You going need more than a lucky charm
If you tryna outrap the god yea yea

My wrist look like a cooler
Ya b*t*h think that I'm cooler
I just sent a brick to my jeweler
Diamonds dripping give her d**k then she drooling
She give me medulla
She laid by my pool in the tubies
Everything Gucci I'm fresh as hell
Might need a scooter to check the mail
That's cuz I live in a fortress
Grow kale in my garden it's gorgeous
I'm push button start in them Porsche's
Don't get me started on bullsh*t
Put ya crew in a figure four, I'd figure the 4
Make them motherf**kers forfeit
You go too hard but don't force it
You ain't got the type of foresight
I pray God goin forgive me
When I do you like fortnite
I been in them corners and bentleys
Stack up my quarters and penny's
They don't like it when you ballin
So I just ordered a semi
I don't like no negativity
f**k the police n***a give us free
I might just go on a giving spree
You only get what you give to me
I'm what these n***as pretend to be
And I ain't half the legend I'm finna be
My n***as armed like a centipede
You could say that sh*t behind my back
But in my face, my n***a just keep the same energy
All my competition need to listen
This a new list of the way to do this
I maneuver like I'm moving dope
And I'm bout to prove it to you n***as

Everything I'm spitting is coke
You living to cope
See me when you envision the goat
Perceiving a ghost
The limited edition with flows, I'm killing the hope
Your lyrics aren't hitting no mo, I been off the ropes
I bounce back, just like I bounce tracks
I move in silence, still got that loud pack
I'm with ya shawty, eating at outback
If we've been talking n***a don't doubt that
I got the moves to make ya darling reconsider
Son these n***as I might need a sitter
Like if Jesus with us I'm in God Mode when it's crunch time like repeated sit-ups
We been sinning Lordy please forgive us
Cuz these rappers only thing we eat for dinner
We've been starving lately, it's been harder lately
Cuz the competition has been getting thinner
I guess that's why I got thick skin
Always pour up so the rich win
Money's always been a risk then
But I always counted on my best friend
Jealousy just seem to mix in
I ain't on the timing to listen to negativity
I know it's my enemy, might be the end of me
Praying for hope
They never doubted a n***a I been the Goat

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