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King Los

"I’m here for you"

Everybody who's ever been through something...
Ever faced an adversity, or felt like you couldn't make it
Stand up tall, just know one thing if you know nothing else in this world


I'm here for you, through ever bird in the string
Every night, every day, and every step of the way
Just know I'm here for you, I feel you, I know your pain
When you wanna go insane, when this life just gets you drained
Darling I'm here for you, so don't cry don't complain
Know matter what they saying, whip your tears and dry your face
I told you I'm here for you, every loss
Every gain
That's the cost of the game, when you get caught in the rain
Just know that I'm here for you

[Verse 1]:

I speak with the spoken art, to the beat of these broken hearts
Perceive through my hopes and thoughts, so believe me I know it's hard
You tryna make if through something, they give you so many obstacles
And every possible way that you turn something's blocking you
For every possible thing that you try somebody's knocking you
You probably wonder how could you, pull that fire inside of you
Up outta you, to lift the weight of everything on top of you
You gotta move, get over them walls, baby keep climbing through
Blessings often come in disguise, I know your sky's are blue
But sky's the limit, heres an incentive, live for the minute
Your too valuable, to let challenges tackle you
Tie you up or shackle you, just know that we are backing you
When you feel life is backing you, into a corner smacking you
From every direction, attacking you
Do what ever you have to do
To reverse the adversity that's after you, God crafted you
Realize there's something inside you that's magical


[Verse 2]:

Dear Short, I'm writing you this letter
I know that you lost Gerald, prior to losing Greta
We both lost Garry, and Danny lost Arletta
We never lost each other, you can call me whenever
Im with you through the weather, just call me your umbrella
Because of you I know the way I should treat my younger brother
The storm only gets better, having facing the worst
We never know when god, gone take us away from the earth
It's like we faced it through birth, all trials and tribulations
We overcame only to face more violent situations
It's now anticipation to make it I just expect it
Even though it seems to come at us when it's least expect it
Maybe we need this method, maybe the seeds our blessings
To appreciate the answers, all we see is the questions
Maybe we need direction when the road over here don't seem too clear to you
Just know you got a little brother that loves you and homie


[Verse 3]:

Now everybody join hands, what I'm about to do
Is let the blessings of my life, shine out to you
I pray for my family, and everybody out my crew
I'm here for you and you heard it from my mouth to you
And to the south, if the water rose overtop your house
It ain't deeper then the love that I got for you, that's no doubt
Hold out, when the storm roles out, the sun comes
And everybody gone get what they deserve in lump sums
Just whip your tears from your eyes, hold your hands towards the sky
Ain't nothing left but heaven, we done made it through the fire
We done made it through the lies, the hatred and despise
Have patience you can fly, send your fakers you survived
For sake of the crucified, no taken by lucifer
Make sure your shoes are tied tight, this my life
And at times I know it seems thing's come at you underhanded
But know that nothing can break you, or take you so understand


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