Young L3x

"Do Dreams Come True"

[Verse: Young L3X]
Do dreams come true
Will I have a happy ending
Lately I been blind
To the good the lord sending
Lately I can’t find
Times that worth spending
On things that don’t benefit me
Or where I’m heading
Taking things for granted that others wish for
Others might kill for , but I’m focused on the more
My eyes don’t see all the treasure I posses
My greed has me anxious and filled with stress
I should be grateful that I have clothes to dress
I should be grateful that I still have breath
I should be grateful that I’m not close to death
But I’m ungrateful and I don’t feel blessed
I’m stuck in my head
Hating on others
Wish I had a rich mother
A home that ain’t cluttered
Selfish thoughts when I’m alone
Spending way too much time on my own
When I have friends that wanna chill
My mind focused on these bills
I’m dodging all my fam
I’ll regret it if they killed
I have a void that success will fill
I been improving my skills but I’m losing my will
I been working, I been working
And I talk about pain
Cus I been hurting
And I’m not certain what’s next for me
But I know God gon do what’s best for me
But it feels like the Devil wanna burry me
God are you here? Are you hearing me?
Questions I ask when I’m stressing
I know you here so why question
I won’t doubt, I don’t gotta prove my worth
I gotta closer to god and didn’t go to church
This world is mines, I claimed my tuft
I found my peace, I no longer search
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