Young L3x

"It’s Happening Now"

[Verse: Young L3X]
It’s happening now
No need to give the run around
Making noise late but they won’t shut us down
The way I loaded the clip, I go a hundred rounds
The way I’m focused on this, ima get a crown
Yea I’m from the background, now I’m on the mound
Don’t shake hands with the ops, so I’m only giving pounds
Cut em off, cut em off, cus they ain’t hold it down
You forgot your new mask, boy ain’t you a clown
Tom Brady fourth quarter heroics
Get a grip on your life, don’t let know one control it
Now I’m snapping like a crowd for a poet
Got the fans flipping out, got them doing aerobics
Before I blow up I need a check
Before I blow up I need ice on my neck
Before I blow up I need a chick to get it wet
I’m about to blow up n***a where’s my respect

[Chorus: Siera]
It’s happening now
Thank you for the doubt
For counting me out
But what about now?
I had to level up
And show them that they clueless
I had to get it
Yea they said I’ll never do it x2
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