Young L3x

"Pick Me Up"

I been down before, but I keep climbing more
Cus I been searching for
A life that I’ll adore
Won’t hit the floor, now

[Verse: Young L3X]
I got homies in the ghetto that’s trynna make a living
Shots echo in the hood, from them boys making killings
Searching for the good, for a life that fulfilling
We hurting in our soul we forgetting that we living
I want a pot of gold, to bring me good feelings
I’m gonna do better hope my karma is forgiven
My chakras needed rising, like dishes in the kitchen
My father had addictions, he tried to keep them hidden
They told us we couldn’t shine, that we couldn’t win
I had to bet on myself, got the strength from within
They trynna keep us all blind and drown us in sin
I waved farewell to bad, now let the journey begin

[Pre-Hook: Young L3X]
I been down before
But I’m not gonna fall no more
I’m not gonna fall no more
Been down before
But I’m not gonna fall no more
No more, no more
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