Young Nudy

"Single Asf"

[Intro: UnoTheActivist]
12 Hunna on the beat
Red Drum on the beat

A check
I'ma be honest, b*t*h
I ain't gon' hold back
DJ Flippp, make the money flip

[Chorus: UnoTheActivist & Lil Duke]
Look, I'm single as f**k
Been down on my luck
No ain't nobody to trust
Think I done ran out of f**ks
They wonder why I give no f**ks
Came with the Act, hid the lean in the trunk
Ooh, pop at your top
I think I had enough
Can't nobody stop it, you better go get it
f**k n***as envy, we live life relentless
Used to ride on the bus now we in Bentleys
Keep chasing money, don't chase none of these b*t*hes
I can't trust a soul, these n***as change every day
Stay down on your grind, do whatever, just get paid
Keep chasing money, don't chase none these b*t*hes

[Verse 1: UnoTheActivist]
Told my little n***a hold on, keep grip
Holding that work, little n***a gon' slip
Run up, baby now let this b*t*h rip
Ooh, yeah, told her lil baby get hip
Told her get here 'fore I dip
Ooh, yeah, I'm out of here
Elliot in a whole new atmoshere
Drinkin' on lean, not no beer
Told little baby come here
Come here, let me whisper somethin' in your ear
I know you dig it, you been checkin' my gear
Havin' trouble with a boy you can't bear
Baby be wit me, I be overseas
Baby know it's me, b*t*h she look at these
Big old Bentley coupe it sit on double D's
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