Young Nudy

"Right 1"

[Intro: Lil Keed]
Ayy, where you get that beat from? Mooktoven
Yeah, you know what I'm sayin'
YSL, let's go

[Chorus: Lil Keed]
I put the shoes on with the jewels on, finna have a long day
She kept her thong on, took her clothes off, gave a n***a nothin' but face
I got a big bankroll on me, and it's nothin' but blue faces
Heard a n***a switched on his homie, ain't know he two-faced
Keed talk to 'em, na na na na na na na
What goin' on? Na na na na na na na
What y'all n***as want? Na na na na na na na
I bring this sh*t home, na na na na na na na

[Verse 1: Lil Keed]
I bring it home, I bring it home
I put that bag down, the right one 'cause I'm a real one
I make y'all n***as food, Tyson chicken
Stack it up to the ceiling, bring the ice, yeah, quickly
Yeah, I want you, I can't choose
With my gang, doin' that, that do
Yeah, I'm with King Slime, that Maybach, talkin' 'bout choppin' the roof
I'm with Duke in that Maybach, yeah, we smokin' fruits
Yeah, these n***as lyin' 'bout their background, n***a, I know the truth
Different diamonds, all colours, look like Fruit Loops
Yeah, I broke her spine on the court, had to free the roofs
Yeah, got designer of course, b*t*h, you know what do
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