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Lynyrd Skynyrd

"Skynyrd Nation"

[Verse 1]
[JVZ:] I think it's gonna be good night here Rickey
[RM:] I think it's time to rock
[JVZ:] It's gonna be hell of a show

[JVZ:] People out there in the parking lot
[RM:] Smoking that stuff it's a rebel flag rock
[JVZ:] Turn it up, crank it out, let me hear you shout
[BOTH:] That sweet soul southern music

[Chorus 1]
So put your hands in the air
Give us all you got

[Chorus 2]
We're feeling right (feeling right
Gonna take all night (take all night
To rock this joint the way it's supposed to be
Young and old (young and old
3 Generations bold (generations
We've been told

[Verse 2]
[JVZ:] Motorcycle ladies hugging up to their daddies
[RM:] Oh teenage bangers they're all getting ready
[JVZ:] Open those gates gonna rock tonight
[RM:] Oh when those lights go down it's a beautiful sight

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2][x2]

SKYNYRD NATION! (Young and Old)
SKYNYRD NATION! (3 Generations More!)
We've been told

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