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"Blessed & Possessed (Live)"

"Blessed and..."

Benedictus et affectus
Benedictus, halleluja

Warfare, pain and murder
In Golgatha we stand
For the last rite of Heaven
The seventh sacrament
Born of blood and fire
And blessed by midnight's hand
In the core of the pyre
No sorrow we repent

And we ride by the storm
In the night we're reborn
And we carry our hearts to the dome
To the bible we're sworn
In the dark we transform
And we die by the dawn all alone

In the night we can't rest
In the dark we are blessed
And in moonlight we fight for the Father
We are brave to the heart
Blood and fire we part
And forever we pray for we are
Blessed and possessed
(Blessed and possessed)
Blessed and possessed
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