Dave-O, make me a slap

[Verse 1: $tupid Young]
Uh, when I lost my n***as, I swear I lost it
Got me sheddin' tears like a leakage in the faucet
Demons in me and they got me feeling haunted
They just caught my dawg off America’s Most Wanted
This the life we live while you n***as just rap 'bout
This sh*t I'm speaking on way deeper than clout
Remember when them n***as used to count us out
Remember when them pu**y n***as used to doubt
Tables turn, bridges burn, you live and you learn
Riding ’round through the trenches, 40, hold it firm
They killed my uncle during my prison term
Came home, put that n***a in the dirt like worms (Facts)
These n***as ain't stating facts
These n***as is all cap
They be lying in they raps, yeah
We riding around strapped
My shooters up in the back
We gon' lay his ass flat

[Chorus: Teejay3k]
I'd give it all away to get my n***as back
I'm from where all the murders and the killings at
Tellin' on a n***a, we ain't really into that
Snitch K all day, I'll kill a rat
Free my n***as out that stateyard
Rest in peace to all my n***as in that graveyard
b*t*h, don’t talk about that life if you ain’t living that
'Cause I’ll pull up broad day where you chilling at
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