Fly Away* lyrics


Uh Uh Uh, uh uh uh, uh uhhh
Couldn't make this sh*t up
Nah, uh uh uh-uhhhhhhhh

Uh, I couldn't make this sh*t up
Ignored, remember all the joy and the big-ups
The noise? Nah, n***as isn't choice, they be pick-ups
And boy scouts, inherited his voice, it be hiccups
The coin drowned, hearing just the voice from the picture
I think they fear me, they should join their militia
There be points now, lately boy, my joints getting bigger
It be doinks now, Hades and them Oinks getting quicker
I avoid crowds, how come it's my heart that bе broke up?
Enough cries, how come еvery doll I want is stuck up?
Love crime, so much that I guard, did I stutter?
Sunshine tucked beneath the stars
It be cluttered with [?] and scars from another that was once mine
Really do these bars to recover, not for punchlines
Poppa said it's harsh how they done us
We lust life but God'll stay along 'fore they crush us
It's one dice, you gotta use some charm and some structure
And sometimes you gotta use the arm of your brother
Dumb pride, I learned to be the calm and the thunder and sunrise

I thought to fly away, I'd rather save my life today
I used to ride away to pastures full of tides of grey
You and I the same, you matching with the sides of hate
When try and think, I used to watch they backs instead of violate
Need to fly away
I'd think rather save my life today

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