Yeah, I came out the slums (Out the ghetto)
I done made bread out of crumbs (Turned up)
Been hated by my friends, where the love? (Where the love at?)
Got indicted by the feds, I ain't budge
I'm as solid as they come, n***a (I'm solid)
I'm as solid as they come, n***a (Stand-up n***a)
I ain't number two, I'm the one, n***a (I'm the one)
I'm as solid as they come, n***a (Yeah)

[Verse 1]
Took my time on the chin, I ain't budge
Tired of all this f**kin' hate, where the love?
I'm as real as they come
They asking names, I ain't tellin' 'em none
I was taught to stand tall, don't run
Being broke, it ain't fun
But the comeback was greater than the fall
Been hated by my dawgs, now I made it, I can ball, yeah
Now a n***a go crazy in the mall, yeah
Now I ride up Ocean Drive in a bald-head
Tryna get some meds, well, I'm all in
You don't stand for nothing, you gon' fall in
If I ain't do sh*t, I stood on all ten
Was there for 'em every time n***as called in, yeah
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