"Back Against the Wall"

[Verse 1: Peezy]
Sometimes I chill at home, I might just hit the club
Just have that ready on time‚ 'cause b*t*h‚ I'm in a rush
I done did dirt with n***as and kept it on the hush
Know all these n***as drinking lean‚ feel like it's 'cause of us
It wasn't no Instagram sh*t when I was comin' up
Was raised back when you had to be just who you say you was
Was seeing money and cars, got in my zone quick
Ain't ask my unc' and them for it, I need my own sh*t
Know all these n***as talking bricks and bows
Ain't ever cooked your own food‚ let alone cook a brick of dope
Y'all n***as have the scene, I'm cool with being a ghost
It be the n***as who ain't did sh*t that do the most

[Chorus: Peezy]
Back against the wall, sh*t‚ I had to grind
Waited long enough, now it's my time to shine
Now all I see is green, yeah, them dollar signs
Don't wanna hear your f**kin' mouth if you ain't got a dime
Back against the wall, somethin' had to shake
Couldn't even get a job, I had to grab the blade
Cuttin' nickel rocks up on my granny plates
'Cause bad b*t*hes don't respect when you don't have a pay

[Verse 2: Overlord Scooch]
My n***as came form rollin' hard and stolen cars
I don't want to go to far but we done been as broke as y'all
Money come and go, my dawg, grind it out
f**k bein' a local star, I'm shining now, you do that, you supposed to ball
Overlord, Westside, I say that with my chest out
Old school on Forgis in the backyard of your ex house
Watch got a big bezel, thirty pointer scattered on it
Married to the drug game, unholy matrimony
Came from an era where you might get your sh*t snatched at Coneys
No, I'm not just rapping, bro, we strapped 'cause we got glasses on us
Monte Carlo with the diamonds skating backwards on it
I bought the Prezi' brand new, it ain't no scratches on it
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