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"One of a Kind"

[Verse 1]
Chillin' in LA in the hills, eyes on the phone
Mike  Amiri jeans cost a band‚ shirt say VLONE
I'm  glancing at my watch‚ Gary did his thing on the stones
That's when my phone ring‚ I'm like, "Damn, what's goin' on?"
It's this pretty bad b*tch that I met outside the club
I  pulled in somethin' 2019 dressed like the plug
When  I jump out‚ my shirt smell like Creed, pants hold a dub
b*tch, I'm the flyest n*gga you seen‚ show me some love
I'm  like, "Yeah, bae, what's goin' on? I'm tryna get to know you"
Hop out, we grab some lunch from Malibu and Nobu
I scooped her up, we slid to the spot, and now we toastin'
I'm tryna take you back to the crib, let's go get closer, yeah

You  know what I'm sayin', baby?
You dealing with a one of a kind n*gga right now, you know?
I ain't local, baby, I'm global, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout?
f*ckin' with the right one, I'll change your whole situation
Let's get it

[Verse 2]
We jump back in the whip, now we headed back to the loft
That's when she realized that I'm different, b*tch, I'm a boss
I'm tryna put my balls in her hole, but this ain't golf
I pulled her pants down, this b*tch easier than I thought
I slid the rubber on, I ain't crazy, I barely now
Think I'ma go out like Eazy E, b*tch, what you smokin'?
I'm hittin' her from the back, slapped her ass, and then I choked her
I f*cked her off the Perc' for an hour, I got her open
I bust a nut, I pulled up my pants, now she look different
I don't know what the f*ck I was thinkin', I must was trippin'
She had me fooled, I thought she was cool, was it the liquor?
That's when I thought about her, she f*cked all these rap n*ggas, damn

Man, when I first seen the b*tch, she was so fine I would've never thought
But you know, when I thought about it, I'm like damn
Out here, these b*tches f*ckin' all the rappers, huh
f*ck it, let's go

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