Right Now (Remix)

Evander Griiim

[Intro: Gucci Mane]
What's happenin'?
(burr burr)
And Gucci!

[Chorus: Evander Griiim]
Right now
C'mon baby, bust it open, right now
Throw the cash, all I want it, right now
All the pu**y, all the fame, right now
All the love, all the fame, right now (skrr)

[Verse 1: Evander Griiim]
n***as try to ride my wave but can't swim
n***a you be chewing too, too much
Got a foreign in my foreign, and she snorin'
Little n***a I'm the GOAT, 'bout to trip it (woo)
Eski-eski-eskimo, I'm so cold (damn!)
Ride around with my neck, and my wrist
On froze, n***a gold, all gold
All gold, all the hoes, all the drip
Poppin' pu**y, n***a woah, with my gold
n***a tax me I'ma flip, with my thumb
Poppin' pu**y with my thumb, with my thumb, right
Right now (damn!)
Throw it baby, bust it open, right now
All I wanted was a ten and a four
All I get it for the low, for the low
Hit that n***a, I'm the plug, right now (woo!)
Send that n***a with the bugs, right now
All my b*t*hes kiss b*t*hes, and they wealthy
And they suckin' for the selfie
I'm so petty, oh so petty
Oh sh*t, hot sh*t, I'm that n***a since
Eighth grade, poppin' sh*t in the hallways
Yellin' dope, hella dope, this the new me
Suckin', signing, double D's, overseas

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