4Loco (Vida Loca) lyrics

Evander Griiim

[Intro: Offset]
Ay amigos
Hey mota, mota, huh
Cash, lot of money, you know
Young rich n***a sh*t
Woo, woo

[Chorus: Evander Griiim]
Vida loca
Vida, vida loca
Pop this soda
Drink that, drink that soda
[?] controlla
Pay Coca Cola
On my [?]
With, with my fooly

[Verse 1: Evander Griiim]
Sippin', sippin' the codeine
Hoppin', hoppin' out the Bentley
I do not sip on no 40's
b*t*h I just sip my Modelo
Baby come sit on this papi
Baby so tengo maracas
Baby just checked all my quota
Came back and sip all the soda

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