Oh Damn

Evander Griiim

[Hook: Evander Griiim]
I just dropped a Lam
I just shot with Cam
20 24
Ain't no Michael Coves
b*t*h, my diamonds froze
b*t*h, my ho drove
In my catolack, we go body blows
Oh Damb, I just checked the scam
Oh damb, my sis just drop the pack
I got racks on me, woo!
I got tech on me, woo!
I got jets on me, yeah
I got drugs on me like oh [

Verse 1: Evander Griiim]
Oh sh*t, I been f**kin this trick
Oh sh*t, I been f**kin a b*t*h
Oh damb, I just f**ked up a bag
Oh damb, I been poppin them tags
n***a, you flop in your city
n***a, I'm hot in your city
n***a, you chacing them b*t*hes, n***a, I'm chacing them Benjamens
f**kin and drinkin on Saturday
f**k, my car's so unlimmited
Look at my car, got 9s in it
Send me the verse, Imma body it
Put twin towers on the hoopty
Got a new b*t*h, she a floozy
And she suckin it for Gucci
Trayletto, got a real big Trayletto
Drivin this sh*t, it's a rental
Got my new b*t*h Stelettos
Bro, I'm Aristotle, hop out that Monty Carlo
Smokin on Coloroddo, b*t*hes don't moan, they holler

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