Evander Griiim

Yeah, huh
Yeah, huh

I don't lie, huh
I might drive, C-Class at 18 (yeah, yeah)
At 19 I doubled up (yeah, yeah)
I tripled up (woah, woah)
I squared up (yeah)

[Verse 1]
The whip stay color coded
Drop Rich Homie Quan
In my bank lil' homie (that's not a diss)
I got like 24 homie (yeah)
I got like Kobe on a rollie (bank)
And I got Mrs. Diggy on the celly
b*t*h ain't sh*t you tell me
b*t*h ain't sh*t you can tell me
Whole squad gettin' f**ked (f**ked)
b*t*h neck gettin' bussed (crack)
Broke n***a talkin' this (b*t*h)
Fake n***a talkin' that (hoe)
Bet that n***a talk in front of cop (bet)
Hatin' n***a got the wishing well (wish)
Wishin' that a n***a coulda fail (yeah)
19 and I'm still above
Got a new hoe Lexi (woo)
But her real Stacy (woo)
And her man went to work
So I f**ked her in the Lexus (smash)
[?] call a hoe Lexi
I'm the real Wayne Gretzky
I style big faces

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