Grapefruit lyrics

Evander Griiim

[Intro: Almondmilkhunni]
I’m a bad, I’m a bad b*t*h
I’m a, I’m a bad, bad, I’m a bad b*t*h
I'm a bad, I'm a bad b*t*h
I'm a, I'm a bad, bad, I'm a bad b*t*h

(Wesley Curtis)

[Verse 1: Almondmilkhunni]
Don’t be catching feelings
I don’t wanna play these games with you
I’m looking at the ceiling
Knowing that there’s nothing I can do

Got me going brainless
Got me going brainless, brainless
This ain’t gon’ be painless
I know this ain’t gon’ be painless

[Verse 2: Almondmilkhunni]
You’re in my bed
And there’s nothing being said
Better done, then said
And my heart is kinda dead

Been through too much
Now I’m only tryna f**k
Kept it real with you ‘cause I don’t need you getting stuck

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