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Animal Collective

"Rain in Cups"

[Verse 1]
Submerged in a puddle
With some leaves and some twigs
[But tips of the hemlock
Are flipped to high green]
And the water is drifting
Down the slopes of flat hills
Reminding its meadow
[Take a break for a kin]
[It's nice at the portway]
Just to sweat all the same
[How come that we divided
Up myself again]

I want cups of rain
To pour all on the garden
[Once I left today]
[All the dry evening]
Can we watch the rain
[And sit on hands]
Let's get lost in the rain
Let's get lost in the rain

[Verse 2]
She hired a doula
Gave birth in the rain
Called her [kid] droplet
She felt life eternal
[Unto their dowels]
Where she felt the true love
Over the poplar
With the rain coming down
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