Tell Me How lyrics


[Intro: 24hrs & Lanz]
24hrs, Lanz right here
Ay, Twenty, I miss you
Think 'bout you all the time

[Verse 1: Lanz]
You a five-star girl, I think that I just lost it
I been in the money but you been the one that's callin'
Just don't let go (Just don't let go)
I won't waste it all, yeah
You been all on my mind (On my mind, babe)
You said if I fall in love, that's a lie (Tell a lie)
Never enough that's a lie (lie), wasting our time (I)
I been tryna go back to those nights

[Pre-Chorus: Lanz & 24hrs]
It's on me, what you need, we in deep
Baby, let me hear what you been thinkin' (You been thinkin')
Take a breath (breath), take a step (Step)
Leave the stress (Stress)
I know you been tired of rethinkin' (Uh)

[Chorus: 24hrs & Lanz]
Can't get you out my mind (Can't get you out my mind)
Think 'bout you all the time (About you all the time)
How did I mess up? (How did I mess up?)
Tell me how (Tell me how, yeah, ooh)
Tell me how (Just tell me how, oh)
Tell me how (Tell me how, yeah)
Think 'bout you all the time (I think 'bout you all the time)
Tell me how, yeah

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