Babe Rainbow
New Zealand Spinach
(One, two) Not much

[Verse 1]
Dougie's in the South Island
In Hickory Bay
Catch me when I'm falling
Or slipping (Slipping), away

[Verse 2]
Coffee and I'm yawning
Whitebait by the side of the road
Walking to Invercargill
We hate to see you go

Seas grew dark and the waves grows high
My broomstick mind is flying me
Still I wish, I wish that rather soon, I'd be under pohutukawa trees

[Verse 3]
Here comes Dougie, he's overheating
At a motel by the side of the road
Piha to find a mother
We hate to see you go
Captain saved by a dolphin
Out of the golden dawn
The road you travel goes forever
Anywhere and evermore