Babe Rainbow
Our Psychedelic Love Story
Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah
Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah

[Verse 1]
I wish you could see me on the TV, know what I mean
I just had to point, seeing her cafeteria
Wavy baby, don't take him too serious
But I'm day sleep, like I'm delirious
Hey, let's all make it to the beach for the sunset

[Verse 2]
Well, I've flown away
Head full of stars
Come fly with me
Come be my love
It's a good thing, won't you
Cuddle, warm by the beach
I float down the road
Laugh and fall from the key
You're just saying things

The more I get out, the more I go in
Night after night
Disco marriage
It's a good thing, won't you
Reach in the air
I remember the wind
Hold it in your hand
What did it feel like
Watching the world walk by?
(Girl, give me the tape back)
Reach in the air

[Verse 3]
You only think of getting drunk
Two plus one, the answer is love, oh
Look, I'm pool hoppin', I'm jewel droppin'
I'm dipped in the truth
And it's too astonishing, tectonic
I wreck ports with these extemporaneous sonnets
The sun beam turn the kid to a prophet
I put our love in a locket
I lost the key in my pocket
Sunbathe on the hill while I'm off the hill, it's a garden
A 98 on the skull, so don't get me started
It's wavy baby, trippy everyday
Girl, you know my spirit
I love you too, you know I'll fall apart if you disappear

[Verse 4]
Unknown, the way
Head full of stars
Come fly with me
And be my love
Don't pop for me
Don't two-time for me
And you tell 'em for me
Truth, don't know how to do it
The more I get out, the more I go in
Pull at the sky
Disco marriage
I float off a cliff
I saw the moon eclipse the sun

Reach in the air (I'm falling in love)
Hold it in your hands (I think that my fingers are numb)
You're watching the world walk by
And I'm gonna do some kissing
This rainbow sunny, rainbow summertime
Reach in the air

[Verse 5]
The flex is off the pockets
Rolled dope, but still cleaning up this Cuban link
Couple planets I could move between
Moonwalking on Saturn rings
A goddess and moon king
The forest is tetrahedral
The sound of these Morris cathedrals
I open doors for the people
One-one-zero, the Secrets
Yo, what the fuck?
Is he drinking 'Huasca?
This n***a is tweakin'
I had a wonderful weekend
I see the sunflowers breathing
I hear the bees and they speaking to me and telling me secrets
Trees always leading me places
Grass always showing me faces
Sky always makin' me cry and telling me I'm amazing
I'm thinking of you when I be waistcoat rabbit chasing
I never really say it, but I think that I love you, baby
Really hold it in your hand
Thank you for the day
And make room for a new friend
Reach in the air
Love you for meeting true
Sun's peeking through
Who are you speaking to?
Love you for meeting true
Sun's peeking through
No, actually I've never even been past the county line