Babe Rainbow
Smash the Machine
Is it recording?
Ah, Smash the machine

[Verse 1]
Beep, knock from the technical department
Please hold
Speed up, slow down, play backwards, plug back in
Get out of your head and into the machine

[Verse 2]
Oh, my love, look around you
Oh, my love, all around you
Ah-ah, Smash the machine
"Glop, glop, glop," that's machine for "Yes"

Curl your toes around the world
Look [?] plenty birds
Mama's down, breakin' down
[?] move now
And everyone's walking on the shady side of the street going places
Wrap your pleasure in the theme of the day
Smash the machine
[Verse 3]
Oh, my love
Oh, my love
Pour yourself through thе palliative omen of techniquе
Pour yourself through the palliative omen of technique
Speed up
Slow down
Play it backwards
Plug back in
Get out of your head and get into the machine in thin air