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Princess Vitarah

"My Rent Cost $5000"

It’s 2000 and something
And you hoes still broke
Your life is a joke
I just bought a boat

When I go to the bank
They recognize my face
I go to Wells Fargo
I don’t never borrow

My rent cost $5000 dollars every month
But it’s nothing, It’s nothing
I’m stunting, I’m stunting

Heard your new song it sounds just like me
All of these girls watch and copy me
None of you hoes can touch this flow
Flying first class everywhere I go

Online shopping
Order it
Tracking it
Flying it
Booking it
Money in
Flipping it
Whipping it
Double it
Taxing it
Mixing it
Cooking it
Rolling it
Calling it
Selling it

Princess V
Baddest B
I came from overseas
You know I rep NIG
Got that Visa now I eat

It’s 2000 and something
Why you hoes still broke
If you ain’t got no money
Take yo broke ass home
My pockets getting deep
But the work will never stop
Cause making moneys easy
But keeping it is hard

Getting cheese is a habit
I chase it like a rabbit
If I see it I’mma grab it
That’s why I’m never lacking

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