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"Audi But No Base"

[Intro: Smokepurpp]
Yeah, boy
I know that b*tch want me
Lil Purpp
Lil Purpp hurt
Turn the f*ck up, n*gga
Yuh, I know that b*tch want me, n*gga
f*ck Donald Trump, n*gga
That b*tch don't want you, n*gga
Yuh, ayy, yuh, ayy, yuh, ayy
Lean, lean, double cup
Lil' bih come and hold these nuts
Hi-Tech, I got bloody cup
f*cked your b*tch, now she a dub
K, okay, yuh, yuh
Lean, lean, double cup
(Oh my god Ronny) Bih come here and hold these nuts

[Verse: Smokepurpp]
Smokin' on boof and it's Maui
-Rry, b*tch, I don't say sorry, uh
I bend her over like slope, uh
Couple of bands in
Bands in the South, uh
I let her top me, no kiss it, uh, uh
Diamonds, they wet like go fi-, uh
I don't want cars, I want 'Raris, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

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