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"Yeah Yeah"

Chorus (Smokepurpp):

I'ma catch a body, yeah, yeah
Heard your thotty want me, yeah, yeah
I got drip all on my body, yeah, yeah
And I got a pump, a twelve-gauge shotty, yeah, yeah
Thotties on my body, yeah, yeah
Got her tweakin' off the Molly, yeah, yeah
Thotties on my body, yeah, yeah
Got her tweakin' off the Molly, yeah, yeah (Slatt, slatt)

Verse 1 (King Rob):

I’ve been doing this music, yeah yeah
You know I had to choose it, yeah yeah
Like Quameek I am Pack-man, yeah yeah
Got the jelly I don’t got no jam, yeah yeah

Got the thing on me right now
Put your hands up, you get down
Y’all hear that sound?
Lyrical bullets inbound

I’m with Smokepurpp and yes I do smoke purpp
Fly like a bird, these bullets they gon hurt

I don’t want friends I want Audi’s, I caught too many bodies
Turn this sh*t up on the speakers, like Minecraft we be creepers
We playin wit that gun, you just playin Nintendo
You just hop on a Jeep, we just hop in the benzo


Verse 2 (Smokepurrp):

Diamonds move like Beyoncé (Yeah, ooh)
Made that chopper sing like Ashanti, yeah
f*ck a n**** b*tch, f*ck his sl*t, ayy (Brrt)
Let him run up on me, I'ma pop him (Yeah, yeah, brrt)
Just like Future, I'm on beast mode
I can't talk to you, yeah, we only talking street code, yeah
Drip all on my body down to my toes
And I'm sipping lean, I'm popping narcos (Lean)
Hop up in a 'Rari and I zoom, ooh
Pop out with that mop and with that broom, ooh
She know I'm that n**** , I assume
Richest n**** in the room


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