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Puffy L’z

"Regent State of Mind"

Hold up

Your OGs ain't gon’ tell you ‘bout the street sh*t
'Til you get caught up in the hype on some beef sh*t (Huh)
You gotta watch who you eat with and creep with (sh*t)
sh*t's so real, you gotta watch who you sleep with (Let’s get it)
n*ggas know I stay humble on some G sh*t
Told my bros hold the die, you know I got the blueprint (I got that)
Same sh*t, same click on the same strip
These n*ggas shared the same stick, probably f*cked the same b*tch
I'm focused, can't give y'all my time today
For everything, there's a time and place
We in the same game, but I run a different race
Same track, different pace
Same hustle, different chase
Same lawyer, different money
Different case and I must say
We are not the same, I cannot be replaced
I'm stuck in this sh*t, gotta get it how I live
sh*t can get cold, colder than the fridge
I'm tryna get a crib in Africa
I can't spend a check on my wrist (On what?)
I gotta separate myself from these kids
My bro left a princess, she got a life to live
As long as I’m good, baby, smoke gon’ be rich
It's ups and downs for a trill n*gga (Let’s get it)
With God blessin' all the real n*ggas
We makin' money, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (Talk to me)
If you lookin' for clout, send them shots, send it my way
I’m in the drop-top, cruisin' on the highway
And I gotta get it my way
I can't beef with you actors, you gotta be on Broadway
We used to trap in them hallways
Broad day, long shifts, I'm talkin' all day
Like Meek, I need a mill, I need a rosé
I don't sip, but in the club I'm spillin' Bombay just for fun
They thought the wave was done but it just begun
And my city, this sh*t must be spun
I lost bros to that gun, this sh*t needs a rerun
You know Puff is the one, I'm out

Talk to me, I talk back
Easy money, you know how it goes, man
Same sh*t, different day
Duck down when you hear this sh*t, hide your chick

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