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The Clash

"Janie Jones"

He's in love with rock 'n' roll whoa
He's in love with gettin' stoned whoa
He's in love with Janie Jones whoa
But he don't like his boring job, no

And he knows what he's got to do
He knows he's gotta have fun with you
You lucky lady!
And he knows when the evening comes
When his job is done he'll be over in his car for you
Just like GI Joe

And in the in-box lots of work
But the boss at the firm always thinks he shirks
Get off the Facebook mon!
But he's just like everyone
He's got a Ford Fiesta that just won't run without fuel
Fill 'er up, Jacko!

And the invoice it don't quite fit
There's no payola in his pandora file
'Cept for the government, man!
This time he's gonna really tell the boss
He's gonna really let him know exactly how he feels
It's pretty bad!

No-o-o No-o-o No-o-o
Let them know
Let them know

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