"Fat Sumo"

[Intro: Chxpo]
These n***as a fool
You already snow
You already knew

[Chorus: Chxpo]
Boss n***a but i don't rock Hugo
Chopping up them bricks just like Judo
Big Fat pockets just like Sumo
Yellow Red look just like Baruto
SoIcy Boy I was born on Pluto
Big Fat pockets like Sumo
Young Realest n***a like Baruto
Chop them bricks down just like Judo

[Verse 1: Chxpo]
And baby i ain't never rock no Hugo
But i rock a whole lot of some Guccis
n***a wanna act like he knew me
You don't really know me
n***a you don't know me
Chxpo b*t*h i'm bloody like my ogs
Walk around with that bag like i left the grocery store
Bloody bros we be kicking doors
n***as snow how we rock
n***as snow how we roll
Play ya role, little n***a play ya role, or you get smoked
Smoke him up like some dope at his show
b*t*hes know i stay strapped like Ji Joe
And my b*t*h a barbie you already snow
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