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[Tha God Fahim]
It's the motherf**king GAWD n***a, don’t you ever forget

[Verse 1: Tha God Fahim]
You go against my style you’ll fail
I need checks to add to my mail
I put the game in a choke til' it's pale
Better hope you get Saved By The Bell

[Verse 3: Tha God Fahim]
Step to me and that’s your last mission (last mission)
Your last wishes, wipe off the glass dishes give you mad stitches
Mach, pass me the rock
You hear the gas, snap, crackle and pop
Push the Nissan to the maximum
You f**king wit dem, and they taxing 'um
I’m rocking truck jewels just like I went platinum (I’m wearing platinum)
Goin' through mad sh*t, the hammer and flash six
Every tape the DUMPGAWD drop is a classic
So turn the motherf**king GAWD up louder (up louder)
I’m puffing strong like protein powder (powder)
Why the f**k these n***as talking out they pu**y lips? (Talking huh?)
I eat your favorite rapper food like Cookie Crisps
n***a don’t wanna pay dues so I took his b*t*h
Dumping so much sh*t, a n***a gettin’ rich
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