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It's you liberals who’ve lifted them up Howard

Paul, you conservatives make the mistakes
You can’t afford to strangle hope in people

Without hope, people become dangerous

No Howard, you liberals have let them invade our society
You give them jobs, political jobs

Paul, you miss the point
It’s only the smart ones that move up

Ha, that makes it even worse

No no, we HAVE to move them up
If we leave a smart one in the ghetto
He might develop into a leader against us
But if we raise him up into white society, we neutralize him
He feels compelled to try to act like us
He loses his identity and uh, his racial anger, if he has any
He becomes alien to his brothers
They realize he sold them out and they grow to hate him
He becomes worthless to them and safe for us
(No thank you)
In fact it’s his love for the peachy comforts, except his color
He’s become one of us

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