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Tha God Fahim


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[Verse 1: Denmark Vessey]
Juice from wild-berries [?] wild dairies
My style vary, bust a culture cow dairy out (cheese)
Now pack the crack of the door, with terrycloth
High powered government mode, I’ll hotbox the Marriott room
I can’t call it
It could be the strain, they spray paraquat on the pot
The plot thicken so my X and Y shift my zeta lift a lot, forgive me if it ain’t a check, it’s checkers won in Sydney
I be getting money but the EGOT snub within me
Only thing sue me, eucalyptus man [?]
Pay me what I weigh in framed Da Vinci’s
My brain an OG gateway, but big faces can’t escape my memory
Last topic
I remember was bout us turning profit
Like, Isaiah , Ezekiel, and Muhammad, no mink on
But modest
Honest took a code, like 99 and a half won’t due
You must remain a century

[Verse 2: Tha God Fahim]
We blades of a certain edge
Nightmares stalking the dead, 3rd eye watching what’s said
Bird’s eye sniping the head
No repercussion, end of discussion, magnums busting
Left the whole damn scene disgusted
You place the wrong bet, we gotta collect
Acting out the violent threats
Bet I do the numbers correct
The law of attraction, I need diamonds for the action
Lebanese queen keeps me relaxed and my blacksmith
Keep me equipped with demon killers
Never seen me tip, power trips
Try to emulate the style and gift
Found the rich
Leveled up the sound and pitch
[?] rip, on drug lord hour shifts
We need makeup gang
n*ggas losing blood, know my life’s insane
I’m on enlightenment game
Overcame my pain
I grab the AR then I spell my name

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