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Tha God Fahim

"Fraternal Horns (feat. Tha God Fahim)"

More money equals more focus
What you like osmosis
It's a must that the income grosses
In the streets you got to be strong like Conan
I'm bout my cream like I'm Aquaman Mowczan
Pushing a brougham
On a mission for more bands
Your money's a slow jam
I'm rich like a old man
I bring facts while you bring lies
No strings ties
I just want to see demeans rise
n*ggas getting gunned down
Life ain't a joke
Or die from cancer or a stroke
RIP to all the falling soldiers
I'm striking like a cobra
Me and my n*ggas hot just like a nova
In hot lava
My n*gga sunset ?
We pray towards the ?
May Ala forgive me for all of my drama's
With great power comes great responsibility
I try my best to stay away from negativity
It's the real deal
Man I tote the metal like a steel mill
One of my favorite movies Kill BIll
Most of the times
I'm peacefull but I could still switch
There's no limit to how violent one can get
My life exquisite so I do the wildest sh*t
With intent like Tony Montana or getting rich

You heard it first From Tha God Fahim
Himself n*gga

I need a beam
These white folks can’t leave a Gee
Racist supremacy
Was tied round my family tree
I knew I had to leave
I was just finding peace
Broken pieces
The nation eating
Clone center
Deprived members
You know you timber
I know you kimber
I dismembered
Your member
Black panther cult
Fraternal bonds I sent the note
They sent the quote
Leaving cuts I wrote
This ain’t a joke
I haven’t gone to where I know
The grave my soul
The other half was sold
Some time ago
I know I'm feeling snow
It’s getting cold
Popping bands
Popping more
Cloak of invisibility
I’m moving exquisitely
Fraternal Horns was giving to Me

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