Tha God Fahim


[Verse 1]
He said go back where you came from, can't go where I came from
As a kid we escaped, and man that sh*t ain't no game that's fun
Outsider since day one, been that since way young
Used to squirm in the seat when teachers called out my name, son
Bells on my name rung, [?]
Might just roll up, like, "Hold up, was you saying sumn?"
Don't reach for your waist stuntin', my droogy, I ain't dumb
Only thing you heard [?] was a paint gun
Only whip your skrt in the lots an arcade one
The ones where you race 'em all, f**k a straight [?]
My voice alone left lames stunned, they called heart attacks
My [?] rare like artifacts, surprisingly I'm the tame one
This thing 'bout to pop off, never ran with a [?]
Tradin' my culture for four wings and some hot sauce
What happened to [?]? What happened to [?]?
Spare you the details, these tales I could tell plenty

We used to rock stripes, used to rock Airs
No matter how fire the fit, didn't fit in anywhere
Droogs used to ride bikes, cut school, play the stares for years
I felt stuck, wasn't going nowhere
On the outside I seemed tough, inside I was scared
In a room full of people, feel like the only one there
Had to stop givin' a f**k, really not care
Live life with no fear, I'm good everywhere, legal alien
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