Charles Barkley lyrics

Tha God Fahim

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[Intro: Charles Barkley]
You have to understand somethin', there's guys—
See, there's some—there's some guys, uh, who
We call 'em "studio gangsters"

[Verse 1: Your Old Droog]

[Verse 2: Tha God Fahim]
Don't give me hype, I'm a serious individual
Evaluate the profits and divvy all the residuals
See, gettin' money is just a part of the ritual
And at a early age, I shied away from the typical
If I don't make it in rap, I made in the streets
Rather not speak on my dealings, I plan to stay discrete
'Cause loose lips get to sinkin' ships, dramas can reach a cliff
It's dough or die, they don't see the shift
It's the Dump Titanium Myth, I'm dunkin' over cliques
I hold the hammer with a iron grip
Iron fist laws get laid, the struggle maintains
I'm still a savage, leave the vocal booth in bloodstains
It's automatic, executin' like the reaper
Plus I'm like a magnet to the Franklins like Aretha
We at the top, ain't no way that we comin' down
I can't accept the plug givin' me run-arounds
But that's what turned us into bosses, cautious
Know it ain't no way to make up for the time losses

[Outro: Gangsta Dresta & Charles Barkley]
This is goin' out—This is go—goin' out
This is goin' out—This is go—goin' out
This is goin' out—This is goin' out to you studio gangstas
Take that sh*t off the windows. You don't need it tonight

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