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Tha God Fahim

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[Verse 1]

[Verse 2: Tha God Fahim]
What's the knowledge without the application?
What's the policy? I need affirmation; why they be exaggeratin'?
For material, what's the fascination? Use your imagination
I'm usin' rappers' heads for decoration
What's the bomb without the detonation?
I flex the arm without the hesitation
What's the plan without preparation?
What's a legend without the makin'?
What's time without duration? This is minds in elevation
All my minutes, and seconds, and hours, they count
Life be testin', and stressin', it's sour, the drought
Got the world thirsty, drug fiends goin' cold turkey
Got savages feelin' earthly, prayin' for mercy
What's a sword without a Hercules to carry it?
Flames under the chariot; I came to bury it
Every track is like clockwork, feel the texture
With all the hate and all the pressure tryna infect ya
What's the doctor without the sickness?
What's the truth without a witness? This truth is not a fiction
What's a style without a proper way to use it?
I'm married to the microphone, domestically abuse it
What's the hip without the hop in it? Or gettin' props in it?
What's the chain without the rocks in it?
You can have a real chain, but be a fake person
Or you can have a real chain and be a real person
Or you can have on no chain and be a real person
The person make the person, seen the conditions worsen

[Outro: sample]
That competitive nature, the work ethic and curiosity... 'cause I asked a lot of questions, I would always sit down and just ask 'em questions about certain games that I studied growin' up. "What actually happened there? What did you feel there? Why?" You know, very tough to defend "Why?", 'cause you look slow as sh*t to me, so you like—I'm—Like, I'm missin' somethin', so like, tell me what I'm missin', you know what I mean? So I would always ask questions, and try to learn as much as I could

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