Long Term Goon lyrics

Tha God Fahim

I got my mind made up, wherever life takes me, I'm goin' by
Life'll leave us both blind, goin' eye for an eye
I try to maintain quality, but evils love to show up
Now I done got used to them devils, it's still a glow-up
They can't stop this, they try and top this, watch this, uh
I add another stock up to my watchlist
How preposterous, in my aura with the nonsense
Lay some vocals down to get some words up off my conscience
I play the long game for the ones that's short-term
I keep a long aim as I let my torch burn
Ain't with the small games, I just live, lovе, learn
I just live, love, lеarn

I'm rich, young and Black, they wanna take it back
A man that wears many hats, they gotta pay me in tax
I expand on many tracks in this land of many acts
So many pretenders executed by the axe
Whacks for many reasons, it's war when I wake to start my day
Got today's problems addin' on with the yesterday's
Seems like 365 we've been caught up in this maze
Time waits for no man, so I'm goin' out in a blaze

You can depend on me, I'll never let you down, and that's my word
No matter what occurs, the dreams that get deferred
From darkness we emerge, get ready for the purge
Seen a lot of destruction, we caught up in the storm surge
Flip you like a Belgian waffle, no need debacle
My squadron'll get hostile, turn you into a fossil
I'm titanium colossal so my words be like the gospel
Stayin' on righteous time, rhyme holy apostle
I'm freein' minds with mine, line for line
Say a prayer every day my people live in the skies
I got sixteen for a sucka tryna stop my shine
I'll bring it to your door like Amazon Prime

[Outro: sample]
Every year we test to make sure that the company is viable in its ability to generate cash. This is extremely conservative investing, this is for the long haul. These tools are not for, as you're suggesting, for spicy... you know, the hot stock du jour. I've done that, I've been there... you know, let the younglings do that. I have zero interest in that, I don't care what the hot new stock is. You know, when—when a— when a company comes public, I won't own it either; it's gotta prove to me over multiple years that it can continue to generate cash before it even fits into what I'm doing

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