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Mac Dre Lyrics

Game is to be Sold (2015)

The Musical Life of Mac Dre Vol 3 - The Young Black Brotha Years: 1996-1998 (2014)

The Best of Mac Dre Volume Five (2010)

The Furly Ghost, Vol. 3 (2010)

For the Streets (2008)

Starters In The Game (2008)

The Best of Mac Dre Volume Four (2008)

Throwblock Muzic (2007)

16 Wit' Dre (2006)

16 Wit' Dre, Part Two (2006)

Green Eyes Dose Vol. 1 (2006)

Mac Dre Uncut (2006)

Thizz Nation 7 (2006)

Treal T.V. Soundtrack (2006)

[Million Dollar Dream] Green Eyes (2006)

Back N Da Hood (2005) (2005)


Judge Dre Mathis (2005)

Money Iz Motive (2005)

Assuefatto (2003)

Do You Remember? (2002)

Mackin Speaks Louder Than Words (2002)

Street Hustle (2002)


Tha Best of Mac Dre (2002)

Confessions (2001)

Oh Boy (2000)

Slightly Pimpish, Mostly Doggish (2000)

Slightly Pimpish/Mostly Doggish (2000)

The Rompalation Vol. 2 Mac Dre Serves You an Overdose (1999)

Young Black Brotha Entertainment presents Constant Drama (1998)

Dubee AKA Sugawolf (1996)

Illegal Business? (1994)

Back N Da Hood (1992)



Corporate Money

Grits and Gravy

United Ghettos of America part 1

Other Songs

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