Rich The Kid

I'm havin' dumb money

Ayy, we can f**k lil' mama, I can't lip lock (I can't what?)
Gucci, spent a hunnid on some new socks (New socks)
Coulda bought a crib, bought a drop top (Skrrt, skrrt)
I can't love a b*t*h, trust no thot (No thot)
Never bring a freak to your spot (Woo)
Dolce and Gabbana on my flip flops
I don't do no relaxing (Relaxing)
Run up the bag, get the cash in (Racks)
Fendi, am I drippin' or I'm splashin' (Or splashin')
12, they can't catch me when I'm passin' (Skrrt)
How you got a check and went broke again? (Went broke again)
b*t*hes wanting clout and I ain't kissin' 'em (I ain't kissin' 'em)
Since I first got them hundreds, I've been flippin' 'em (Flippin' 'em)

[Verse 1]
Off-White with the Gucci, I might mitch match (I might mitch match)
When I f**k her, you can get your b*t*h back (Get your b*t*h back)
What the hell she was thinking? I can't kiss that (Why the hell?)
Why she ask me where the hell I got my wrist at? (Got my wrist at)
Why the hell a hundred-thousand in my backpack? (In my backpack)
Why these b*t*hes think that we can come in contact? (Come in contact)
This is my drank, this ain't cognac (This ain't cognac)
You ain't get a milli, why you sign that? (Why you sign that?)
She wanna f**k, I decline that (Decline!)
Look at my b*t*h, she a dimebag (b*t*h!)
Look at my pinky, it's a waterslide (It's a waterslide)
Rich Forever, come and see the money side (Rich!)

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