Rich the Kid

"So Nasty"

[Intro: Rich The Kid]
Skynny, that's what's up
Woo (What?)

[Chorus: Rich The Kid]
Goyard hold about a quarter milli' (That's up)
I was on the way to Houston, brought a bag with me (A bag)
Damn, that pu**y fire but she too high, sadity (Too high)
I keep f**king with this b*t*h 'cause she so nasty (She so nasty)

[Verse 1: Setitoff83]
I keep f**king with this lil' ho 'cause she nasty (For real)
Bust down Rollie, now a gangster want the Patek (Nah, for real)
I be drippin' now with all the newest fabric (No cap)
They like how I hopped in the 'Vette and then I smashed it (Big 3)
My gangster b*t*h like to take pictures with my ratchet (Hah)
And she know I ain't going for nothin', I let a n***a have it
Young n***a done went major, I done made my family happy
And still be in the trenches with my glizzy smokin' cabbage
Tell her throw it back
She seen them racks and ain't know how to act (What else?)
Big old racks, and all my designer mismatched (No cap)
Back of the 'Bach (Uh-huh)
This ain't no motherf**kin' Cadillac (Ayy)
Play with them racks (What else?)
And we gon' come through like the Men in Black (What?)
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