Rich the Kid

"Randall Cunningham"

Teezy on the boards
Buddha blessed this

[Chorus: RJMrLA]
Oh, never met a woman that I couldn't have (Right)
12 on my back, Randall Cunninghams
Bought another sack and I can't show her that
City on my back, I keep running 'round
Big fat chop, got kick back
Big bad chopper got kick back
All that really matters, n***a, big cash
Rich cat, I ain't gotta piggyback

[Verse 1]
I don't piggyback, ain't no vegan either, this a beef seeker
Chief Keef heater, cig smoke and leave your lungs open
Blood money, blue hunnids like the dog locin'
Bitty on my back, jungle talk like the boy Mowgli
This that Floyd Mosely, I steroid the old mes
Bigger than I used to be but can't avoid the homies
b*t*h, on God, you can keep the pu**y
Lamaze class, let me breathe while I whoop the cushion
Foot position, drop back, got 'em lookin' different
Rookie pictures worth a million like Ferrari engines
12 on me, cover me like the Muslim b*t*hes
Took a year off duckin' swine while I'm cookin' chicken, and I
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