Break My Heart

Niall Horan

[Verse 1]
Oh-oh, loving you, it kills my courage
Oh-oh, loving you, it takes my pride, yeah-ayy
Oh-oh, wish I knew a way to cut this
And make it the last time, for the last time

Uh, 'cause you've ruined the city for me, it only took one night
And yeah, I keep coming back and you know the reason why
You've ruined the city for me, so if you're gonna do it, do it right Yeah

If you're gonna break my heart then do it right
Don't you leave me hanging on like the last time
Break my heart, then do it right
Oh, it's gonna burn without you
Oh, oh-oh, without you
Without you
Oh, oh-oh, without you

[Verse 2]
Huh, crack my head upon the pavement
Oh, oh I still comе back for more, yeah, ayy, ayy
You gotta leavе my heart vacant
Just paint the sign upon the door

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