Stuck in My System


(Ayy yo, Ian)
Hop in that 'Vette and I'm drifting
Know that I'm sipping
Know that I'm sipping
Baby, you know that I'm sipping
Yeah, yeah, ayy, ayy

Hop in that 'Vette and I'm drifting
I think the Percocet stuck in my system
Swim in the lean and I'm floating
I'ma keep buying this ice 'til I'm frozen
I gotta flight, baby where is you going?
I spend ten thousand, forget in the morning
Bro grab the K, make it sing like a chorus
These n***as soft, why you thinking you coarse?

Keep me a stack of them Benjis of course
Cut out the middleman, straight to the source
Told me, "Don't worry, you know that is yours"
'Cause you know I'm there, any jet I'll board
I'm in the air, can't control where I'm going
Smoking on vеggies and these n***as corny
Put my nеck in the air, make you feel like it's snowing
Might fly my lil' b*t*h out to London like Lauren

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