Universe Radio: Episode 1 lyrics


(0:35) Track 1: Alien (prod. Fish)
(1:47) Question 1: What's your thoughts on aliens?
(2:52) Question 2: What's the last thing you want to eat before you die?
(3:36) Question 3: How has COVID affected you mentally, and what have you gotten out of it?
(4:25) Question 4: Is Girl Is A Gun still a thing or did it turn into something else?
(5:08) Track 1: Alien (prod. Fish)
(5:39) Track 2: Soulless (prod. Lifted & FernoFinessin)
(7:26) Harold Harper interview
(14:35) Track 3: Pay For It (prod. Harold Harper)
(15:41) Track 4: Came From The Block (prod. Callari)
(18:10) Track 5: No Ice (prod. Iankon)
(19:51) Track 6: Tomatoe-Tomato
(21:06) Track 7: Mileage (prod. JakeSand)
(23:18) Track 8: In Love With Her Body (prod. Fish)
(25:00) Track 9: Better Days (prod. Fish)
(26:13) Track 10: ???
(27:21) Track 11: Lifeline (prod. Iankon)
(28:48) Track 12: UberXL (prod. Maaly Raw)
(30:40) Quеstion 5: Do you plan on expanding your horizon into other forms of art in the futurе, such as film, photography, fashion, design, etc.?
(31:55) Question 6: Which music video was the most fun to shoot?
(33:19) Question 7: What's your number one advice to an artist that's coming up with getting your music out there? Should you pay for promo from people who might f**k with you?
(34:34) Question 8: How do you stay motivated?
(35:59) Question 9: Are you going to tour again when COVID is over?
(36:40) Track 13: 100 Bands Up
(37:51) Track 14: Can't Miss You Back (prod. Rocco & SoloJay)
(39:59) Track 15: ???

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