Braindead lyrics


And i swear it's not fair
It's not right
How you tell me all these f**king lies
Every night
I've been feeling like i might die
I'm traumatized
Kiss me kiss me i go braindead
Every time
She told me i'm no good
But that's fine
Now i know i'm always in her mind
Getting to bands
I can't worry bout you

Every time you come around me it's always bad news
Left me f**king cursed
Lonely with a bad mood
Laying in the dirt
Trynna find my loose screws
I be on my own got no one to turn to

Braindead baby
Idk what's goin on
You don't know what i'd do
To get inside your arms
I'd go to lengths
That you've never f**king seen
Go to all thosе places
That you see inside your dreams
Stuck likе a tattoo
Don't know what to do
Drowning like a typhoon
Imma die soon
Alone in my room
Wanna see you
Wanna feel you
Wanna kill you
Don't know what's goin on
Don't know what i'm doing wrong
Won't be here for long
Miss me when i'm gone

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