[Chorus: WhyG]
Switch on the glizzy, I don't need no aim
Even a tank top cannot ride this wave
I just threw a brick in the mircowave
Bad b*t*h said she gon' eat me like grapes
Compact glizzy and the clip different shape
Paid eight bills so you know it's yellow tape
Headshot, wipe him down like suede
This hammer squeeze turn your top, lemonade
My ting dance when I stand in the shade
I got a mop, clean your block like a maid
We had to go back for he like Dwade
The only time ya' trap is when ya' push rain
Last look he had on his face was afraid
The last thing he heard was explosion like grenades

Uh, yeah
And my crips kill sh*t broad day
You will get flipped for rackades
He said a glizzy turn a boy mermaid
Uh, yeah
And free cronem out that cage
He got a kitchen knife this not []
He said he gon' need more than first aid
I'm in a trap, turn a four to a eight
I whip it up, dry it off on a plate
My opps slip, I think they got on skates
Used to trap outta house, used to serve my classmates
These n***as so broke, frustrated
That gun is outdated
It is first generation
Big glizzy, fifth generation
And it got a switch on the back
Hold and squeeze, I don't got double tap
You'll get knocked off the map
You'll get touched like an app
You'll get flipped like a flap
I bet you won't wake up off this nap
Drip in Supreme and you n***as wear Gap
Bad b*t*h and she wanna twerk to my snap
Walk on your block with a Gucci headwrap
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