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"Hocus Pocus"

[Verse 1: Why G]
My trap is always open
Can't even close for COVID
Got more keys than Beethoven
To the top where I'm goin'
To the top my gun loaded
n*ggas sayin' dat they frozen
n*ggas say dat they icey
When their chain is all golden
My opps they pockets broken
I got four pockets swollen
Wet 'em up, ocean
I get the drop and soak him
Harry potter in the trap, at the stove makin' potions
Or on your block wit' my wand, vanishyah hocus pocus

[Verse 2: J Neat]
I keep a wand, like a magician
Glizzy a freak, hit him and kiss him
Thirty-three shots like Scotty Pippen
Gordon Ramsey, b*tch I'm whippin'
Pockets fat just like Debby
I need racks just for the entry
She got sense, but she give me brains
f*ck it, I don't even get your name
We gon' spin just like a tour
We give out shots, just like Henny
Feel like Django wit' this revvy
Keep on shootin' 'til it's empty
Catch him slippin' DOA
I ball hard like it's 2K
Won't bring a b*tch up on a date
I put kids up on her face

[Verse 3: Why G]
Gotta add her mouth to a daycare
No lackin' like some []
My guns in Modern Warfare
My opps don't trap, they on welfare
Forty put him in a casket or wheelchair
Bad b*tch gotta afford all my pubic hair
I got Supreme on my underwear
Switch on my Glock and it sounds like it's Quagmire
Fan of an opp shoot him up 'til he catch fire
Baby girl I made her mouth no pacifier
In the trap, sellin' elephant tranquilizers
Big Glock nineteen, keep it on rapid fire
Everywhere I go, I got my hammer and pliers
Turn a free camp to a visor
Put you in a church like a choir
Leave ya' in da web, i'ma spider
Black tuxedo, you're a tire

[Verse 4: J Neat]
No adderall, b*tch I'm focused
Off three percs, b*tch I'm rollin'
He ain't do time, he was in holdin'
I hurt my wrist, I had to froze it
They try catch me, but they can't
Bet this glizy make him dance
I got drip, came from France (ouu)
The forty still in my pants
I'm still whippin', I'm supplyin'
I got work if you buyin'
He want smoke, then he dyin'
I'm an as*h*le just like Simon
Four-two shots just like Dugg
Had to dig it out the mud
Send my b*tches, set him up
I put holes all in his mug

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