Ollie Joseph

"Mexico (Endless Summer Edit)"

Pour up for a good time
Corona get that good vibe
Drink until the sunrise
Just like we used to do
Mexico let's go there, yeah
Sex is slow, I don't care
Where we go as long as
Long as I'm there with you
Just like we used to do

[Verse 1]
Still tell all your friends what we used to do
I'd say the feelings mutual
Distance between us dissolves when I fly over
Pull up, shotgun sitting wide open
Hop in, tell me how your life been
Used to talk every day 'til the nights end
Been a year now I'ma need the whole scoop
You thriving, update me on them goals too
Yeah, I could listen to you forever
Filling up a few of them strong, then we let them
Take us anywhere they plan to, don't jump the gun
But when we sippin' something, you already know what's up

[Pre-Chorus 1]
Lean back, I'll take you where we used to go
We both familiar on what the future holds
Bottoms up for the time that we wasted
Elated we got reacquainted
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